Parent & Student Feedback

Here are some of the results students achieved from attending our VCE Success Seminars.


Parental Perspectives

I’ve never seen my son as enthusiastic about his studies and his life as when I saw him after the final day of this seminar.
Bernadette Nenna, Surrey Hills

My son came out of the seminar a completely different person, beaming with much more confidence. A few weeks later, his teachers confirmed a remarkable improvement in his studies. His stress level decreased, and he is now achieving marks that his teachers did not believe possible prior to the seminar. As a parent, I’m thrilled that this program improved the quality of life for my son and his family.
Andrew Dickson, Parent & School Council Member, Bacchus Marsh Grammar

My daughter could not stop talking about what she had learnt for 1.5 hours all the way home. She did another course with similar content but it did not work for her anywhere near the way this one did.
Brad Barnett, Bunyip

After my daughter completed this seminar she was less stressed, more confident and more efficient. She acquired skills that will serve her throughout her life. Due to the positive responses that I received from four Wodonga students, I encouraged Mental Blank to conduct their course in regions like Wodonga.
Phil Suter, Chiltern

My son is now applying everything he learnt, and is far more confident and much more motivated. We no longer need to hassle him to study, he just does it himself. We are thrilled with the results. Thank you so much.
Anushia Jeevakumar, Carrum Downs

I noticed my son is concentrating more on his homework and is able to prioritise and plan his study a lot better after attending the seminar.
Parent Julie Wright, Eltham College


Better Marks

At the start of Year 12, I was very disorganised, and struggled to manage my time. After this program, I felt more in control and comfortable about studying, and therefore more confident. This enabled me to achieve an ENTER of 98.7
Carlos Escobar, St Kevin’s College, Year 12 in 2007

At the start of VCE, I did not know how to approach my studies, so I lacked confidence. After this program, I realised that there was an easy way to study. I became more confident because I knew what I was doing and then achieved an ENTER of 96.0
Chris Macdonald, Emmaus College, Year 12 in 2007

Excellent. Not only did I enjoy every minute of it, but since I have completed this course my grades in Business, Physics and English have risen by at least a whole grade.
Brendan Eames-Mayer, Balwyn High

Since attending the seminar, I have noticed that my son is more confident and assertive. This has been reflected in his school work with his grades going up by at least one mark. It has been a really positive result for us.
Sue Filius, Parent, Malvern

Using several visual memory techniques, my marks went up by a grade in Biology, English, Chinese and P.E.
Melissa Theodoulis, Eltham College

The memory strategies and time management techniques have meant that my marks have increased by one grade in almost every subject.
John Politis, Balwyn High

My son’s concentration has increased in regards to his home work and his grades have gone up by one grade in both maths and chemistry.
Mrs Sreenivasan, Parent, Balywn North

Last year I had terrible study techniques, such as sitting in front of the television to study. Now I’m organised. I’m setting goals. My notes are much clearer and easy to recall for exams. The memory strategies increased my test results by at least 13% and it’s only the start of year!
Cassandra Dawson, MLC


Inspired, Motivated and Ready for Action

The seminar was an extremely useful, mesmerising and fun experience. It made me think more deeply and hardened my determination to achieve my dreams.
Champa Maciel, Upwey High School

The seminar was life-changing. I feel more motivated because I can see that it created real change.
Dale Moore, Maroondah Secondary

I loved it. I thought every moment was exciting and I could learn from everything. I now feel that I can succeed in VCE using all the tools I have learned.
Adam Shahine, Melbourne High School

I was entertained while learning. No mean feat! This seminar was awesome, much cooler than others. Very helpful and enthusiastic presenters with well prepared, interesting and VERY useful content. Best investment I’ve forced my parents to make :)
Ceri Kidby-Salom, Swinburne Senior Secondary

This program was really worth it. I shall go home and do  my homework straight away!
Anita Crowther, Sandringham College

I have had a great time, learnt lots and can not wait to get back to school to put my new found knowledge to good use.
Christopher Lowe, Braemer College


Success not just at school, but in life

It was great in every area. You have definitely made a difference to the way I look at studying and education altogether.
Karen Barns, Catholic College Wodonga

Excellent! I rarely say that, but you helped me so much and it wasn’t just school, it was life itself.
Gabriel Tam, Samaritan Catholic College

It is fantastic that my previous reading speed seems so slow, and that in just 3 days I can read faster! The memory techniques were awesome. They should teach all of this at school. It would make life so much easier! This seminar has given me the strength to succeed.
Bianca Spadafora, Canterbury Girls Secondary College

I picked up so many new skills at this seminar. It was fantastic! Overall, it was 1000 times better than other seminars I have attended. It was practical, involved the students, and it taught us skills that we will sustain over many years to come. Thanks!
Christine Diamond, Kew High School

This seminar was very impressive not just for school, but for the rest of my life. The memory techniques were awesome. The whole program is going to be extremely helpful. Thanks so much.
Ben Jowett, St Helena Secondary College

This course was a really worthwhile three days that taught me many things not only about school but also about myself.
Lauren Haimes, King David School

A great program! You come to it with high expectations, and they still exceed your ideas. Loved it.
Darren Poh, Bayswater Secondary College


Compared to other seminars

This program, the attitude of all involved and the thoughts it has provoked is something that’s not easy to find. I greatly appreciate the opportunity you have given me.
Aimee Elliot, Toorak College

All of the presenters were great. Your attitudes were very different to what I’ve experienced from other people who run these type of seminars.
Peter Wassouf, Essendon Grammar

This seminar was much more professional and refined than other seminars that I have attended.
Graeme Miller, Eumemmerring College


Memory Strategies

The memory techniques have led to some awesome results. I used to spend around an hour and a half memorising for Indonesian and would then be lucky to achieve about 80% in my tests. Now I am consistently receiving 100% in my tests and the best part is that I’m preparing for no more than
20 minutes.
Alex Quince, Wesley College

Using the memory strategies, I feel like I’m cheating in my exams.
Elizabeth Harkin, Melbourne University

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